Investment Planning

The average Canadian house was worth $94 000 in 1986 and in 2021 the average Canadian house is worth $700 000. Both the 1986 and 2021 numbers are inflated by the large cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Investing in a house from 1986 to 2021 produced great investment results. Fact: If that same $94 000 had been invested at the average rate of the Dow Jones stock market index, from January 1st, 1986 until January 1, 2021, the $94 000 would have grown to be worth $ $1 860 131. The long term averages of investment markets have beat real estate long term averages by a significant margin.

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Financial Planning

What keeps you awake at night or is there an area of finance you would like to learn more about? No one plans to fail but many people fail to plan. The best plans are the ones that are implemented. Think about your priorities and dreams for the future, then share those plans with me and decide how to make it become reality.

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Tax Free Savings Accounts

The best manner to use your TFSA contribution room is with long term money because the gains you realize are not taxable. No taxes are ever payable on a tax free account. You can spend the money without even paying taxes. The tfsa money isn't even taxable when you pass away. Technically, Tax Free Savings accounts should be called Tax Free Accounts, or tfa instead of tfsa, because the money doesn't have to be invested into a savings account. The money should only be invested in a savings account if you are using the account as a short term emergency fund. If it is long term investment money, it should be invested into something that will earn you larger profits than a savings account.

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